Women love jewellery – Well, that might seem like a generic line. However, there’s no denying that the right accessories can always add more elements to a perfect look. If you are a jewellery hoarder or someone who loves to shop for new and trending items, there are a few essentials that you need to have in your closet. In this post, we will talk about the 5 things in jewellery that every woman should own.

  • A pair of classic studs. If you cannot afford diamonds, go for something in imitation, but having a pair of classic studs is a must. Studs work with almost anything, including formal outfits, and are ideal for any woman who doesn’t want to go OTT with everyday looks. You can pick something in a coloured stone, but the classic sparkle of diamonds has its own charm.
  • A dainty chain. A delicate chain in gold is a must-have for many reasons. Firstly, it works with almost anything – no matter whether you are wearing a saree or a regular western summer dress. Also, you can add as many kinds of pendants as you want. Gold is a preferred choice, but something in silver, sterling silver or even platinum should also work across ages. You can go for the trending idea of rose gold too.
  • A pearl necklace. Talk about classic statement pieces, and you have the regular pearl neckpiece, which works perfectly for every woman. Pick something that adorns your collar bone perfectly, and you will never have to worry about finding a matching neckpiece for your dress. Pearl necklaces are available in several colours, but nothing works better than the classic white.

  • A simple band/ring. Depending on what kind of style you like, you need a simple band or a ring on your finger at all times, until someone pops that special question. You can go for gold or silver rings as it may suit your personal taste, but don’t go for an extensive design. Simple rings have an easy charm that’s hard to miss, and you can wear one regardless of the outfit.
  • A statement neckpiece. There’s a fun saying that ‘a woman can never have enough of statement neckpieces’. However, if you are just buying one or two, go for something that has more colours, rhinestones or intricate detailing. Colourful neckpieces are staple for the summers, and if you are stylish enough, you can wear one with your winter pullovers too.

Online stores have some massive discounts for the year-end sale, which can come handy if you are trying to save. For expensive jewellery, always pick a store that you can trust. Find more options now and start stocking!