Clothes maketh the Man – William Shakespeare

This timeless quote for men is sure to be one that men will remember for a long time. The perfect outfit is something that is going to make the first impression even before a man meets someone else. For it is noticed long before he even gets a chance to speak or interact in any manner. An interesting observation here is that while men often pay a lot of attention to clothes, they often ignore the accessories that go along with them. The perfect accessories are sure to get noticed. Items like ties, socks, cufflinks, and tiepins’ have their own significance in the whole scheme of men’s fashion. Selecting the perfect men’s accessories as per the outfit is an art which can be mastered easily. Here are some valuable tips about choosing the best men’s accessories online.

Ties and Tiepins

When it comes to ties and tiepins, the rule of contrast is what works best. A bright shirt should be paired with a tie that is of a sober color. Ideally, team up a bright red or yellow shirt with a black tie. You can never go wrong with black. Your tiepin here should ideally be a shade of Gold or Yellow. Also, when it comes to selecting tiepins, ensure that do not become more attention grabbing than the tie or shirt itself. Keep it subtle. So you can definitely wear that chequered black tie along with your red shirt that your sister gifted you when she sent rakhi to Australia on Raksha Bandhan.

Belts, Wallets and Shoes

The Golden rule when it comes to belts, shoes and wallets is they should be of the same color and a similar texture. So if you are wearing black leather shoes, ensure you wear a belt of the same color and use a similar colored wallet too. Secondly, when it comes to pairing, colors like, red, white, blue, etc. go well with black belts and shoes. On the other hand, brown or tan shoes go best with bright shades of yellow, orange, green, etc. The central idea behind pairing the right accessories is that while they should stand out, but not as much as to overshadow the outfit completely.


Socks are often known as the most practical men’s accessory. Owing to the fact that they are quite affordable, one can have as many socks as the number of outfits or even more if they please. Fashionable socks which look elegant and are also comfortable to wear can be a really important addition to a man’s wardrobe. Moreover, a certain level of attention to detail when it comes to pairing the right socks with the right outfit can go a long way. The simplest pairing you can do is wear similar colored socks as your shirt or t-shirt. Socks with patterns or designs are best worn with plain shirts or tees. And the vice versa also works well.

Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

The practical way to selecting sunglasses or eye glasses for men is to have ones that will go along with most of your outfits. Here, the colors, the shape of the lenses as well as the material matter. Moreover, when it comes to Eyewear, the selection is more dependent on personal preferences and even age. Some people prefer Gold rimmed spectacles while others may prefer stylish wayfarer sunglasses. What matters here is how much they suit the face and the overall outfit. For instance, traditional Indian outfits are best paired with a pair of Gold or Silver Metallic spectacles. Similarly, a pair of jeans and a bright red tee will best go along with a pair of Black Aviators.

While the above is a detailed guide to men’s accessories, the best thing that anyone can wear is a smile and an air of self-confidence. For those are the 2 subtle personality traits that surely stand out! So for sisters who wish to send men’s’ accessories as rakhi gifts to Australia, you now have plenty of options to choose from!