If you feel that a nice personality and high confidence is enough to impress girls in college, you are surely mistaken. These days’ girls give a lot of emphases on the dressing and styling of the boys. The saying dress to impress is very apt when you consider the trends which the girls consider to find a boy impressive. Girls put in a lot of effort to select the right type of clothing as their college wear, and they expect the same type of perfection in terms of clothing from the boys too.

 So, if you really wish to impress someone you consider special then it’s time to revamp your wardrobe with the latest dress materials and accessories. You can start with some stylish t shirt, some cool accessories like an aviator sunglass, a bold chronographic watch and a nice pair of shoes. You can log in to some of the popular fashion portals to shop for some trendy and stylish outfit and accessories to jazz up your look. Do not go overboard with accessories, the modern urban girls do not prefer a cluttered look. You should look cool and sensual at the same time in order to impress the girls. Here are few popular trends which can never go wrong to impress the girls.

  • Stylish T-Shirts

When it comes to your outfit, the stylish t-shirts are a universal choice for the college students of both the genders. You can never go wrong with a trendy t-shirt. They are the most comfortable and stylish wear for the college in India where you face warm, humid condition throughout the year. You can either go for the graphic t-shirts with some bold designs in vivid colours or you can try out the latest slogan tees with some funny and quirky writing. Never try the solid or stripped tees to impress the college girls; they would definitely tag you as a nerd, the unimpressive guy on the block. You can shop for some stylish t-shirts from the online portal of Bewakoof, Myntra, Lee, Spyker, Jabong, Flipkart, Ajio, etc.

  • Aviator Sunglass

You should always team up your look with the right type of accessories. They are thought to represent your personality and individualism. The aviator sunglass is considered very elegant and masculine at the same time. The sunglass not only protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, they accessorise your look with the perfect style. The aviator sunglass is considered the most iconic of all the types of eye gear, the girls just love them and adore anyone who wears them.

  • Chronographic Watch

The watch is considered as one of the most important accessories for the men. The chronograph watches are the most sought-after item in this category. Girls love the large dial watches that perfectly fits in the strong wrist of the men. The sub-dials in the chronograph watches make it look very stylish. The modern-day chronographs are equipped with a movable bezel which performs as a tachymeter. They are used in the rapid calculation of speed, distance, etc. These watches are definitely a must-have item for your wardrobe.

  • Stylish Shoes

Never neglect your legs when you try to impress the girls. It is one of the first items that the girls put their eyes on. Always pair your outfit with the right type of shoes. You can opt for the stylish sports shoes or the leather boots with your denim. They complement each other very well. You can shop for some stylish shoes at Nike, Reebok, Woodlands, etc.

So, these were a few tips which you may consider to impress the girls in your college.