Men love T-shirts. They have considered these items are their default apparel. They usually buy T-shirts in bulk and use them until they begin to fall apart. However, despite their simple style, T-shirts must be chosen wisely and paying attention to their style is just as essential as other items in your wardrobe. Whether you are buying printed T-shirts like Beatles Tees or plain tees, use these tips:

Consider the Fit

A lot of men look attractive in a fitted white T-shirt. Your top’s shape accentuates your broad shoulders and narrow waist. Thus, regardless of your build, wearing a T-shirts adds to your masculinity. But, it needs to be perfectly fit to highlight your body’s best attributes. A T-shirt which fits must not be restrictive and makes you move comfortably.

Don’t Go Wrong with the Color

Your wardrobe should have at least white, black, navy, and gray T-shirts. Your white T-shirt matches your skin tone and your gray shirt improves the shape of your body. A black T-shirt pairs perfectly with the majority of fitting combinations while a navy shirt is ideal during the day and can create a tonal look if you pair with jeans.

Pick the Right Fabric

When it comes to T-shirts, you want to go for 100 percent cotton. The fabric tends to last longer, feel lighter, and look thinner. Also, you can go with cotton blends. T-shirts made of a moderate amount of stretch fibers will help in maintaining your top’s shape. Cotton-polyester blends are affordable and provide easy maintenance since they don’t crease a lot. Check the T-shirt’s label to know its fabric composition.

Consider your Style

In terms of T-shirt style, you want to pay attention to the collar. It’s important to ensure the collar matches when layering. Thus, if you wear a collared jacket, your T-shirt must feature a similar shape. Crew necks are for you if you have slope shoulders or small chest. V-necks are perfect if you are short since they tend to elongate your neck. Try to avoid styles like V-neck, boat neck and a scoop neck since only a group of men can wear them tastefully.

While T-shirts can be your go-to option if you are on a rush, there are appropriate times to wear them. If you wish to make a good first impression on a party or date, wear a colored T-shirt. Make sure you know what other people will be wearing in the event. If people are wearing T-shirts, consider dressing down; however, with a quality top.