There is a variety of Kurtis that have evolved over the years. There is the straight-cut kurta or its shorter version, the kurti, is also worn by women. They can be worn for as casual Women also wear this, pairing it with different types of bottoms such as the palazzo, trousers or chudidaars. With many kurtis online, you can get a lot of options.

How to identify 5 basic types of kurtis just by looking at them?

Then, there is Kali kurta, which is similar to a frock and has many panels, the Bhopali kurta, which is a loose kurta with pleats at the waist, flowing like a skirt reaching midway between the knees and the ankles. Before this gets too confusing, let us see how to identify 5 basic types of kurtis just by looking at them:

  1. Asymmetrical kurtis: There are various kurtis that fall under this category. Firstly, there is the Tail cut kurtis, which are very similar to asymmetrical kurtis, except they are a little longer at the back. They are suitable for young to middle-aged women. The body types are too many that can be complemented with this type of kurtis.

For example, this can be worn for people who have the following body types: Tall women, petite, hourglass, pear, and triangle shaped. A tail cut kurti should be avoided if you are attending a formal event or have a round body type. This kurti can be worn to Parties and special occasions. It is especially great that you can pair them with Leggings, Jeggings, and basically anything full length. High-low kurtis are another variant that falls under the asymmetrical bucket. These kurtis has a straight hemline, and they are suited to all body types.

  1. Flared Kurti: The hemline opens up on both the sides, adding a little bounce to the outfit, which is particularly attractive. Flared kurtis are chic and elegant, and you can wear them for both a formal set-up and just as daily wear.

They are best suited for young to middle-aged women who have pear, round and triangle shaped body types.
But it is best to avoid a flared kurti if you are attending a formal event or have a round body type. It is a comfortable and airy kurti, and it hides any unflattering flab (if that is what you want). Although it might seem a little consuming for small body types, it is a must-have.

  1. Slit Kurti: Slit kurtis are extremely fashionable these days, with slits cropping up in different styles. First, you have the front slit kurtis, which are your regular printed kurtis, but with a little twist. The front slits instead of the usual side slits and looks chic when paired with palazzos. It can be worn by tall women and is suited to pear, petite, hourglass, and triangle shaped body types. Again, if you are attending a formal event or have a round body type, it is best to avoid these.

Kurtis with a side slit are fashionable in every sense, especially the floor-length ones, with a thigh-high slit. They raise your style quotient if you pair them nicely a pair of leggings or palazzos, minimalist makeup, and a messy bun.

  1. Printed Kurtis: There are so many prints that ethnic tribes have given us. Printed kurtis is a never-ending list of various prints to choose from, be it baltic to block or kalamkari to digital prints. There are so many and what’s more is that they match every occasion, body type, preference, and budget.
  2. Tiered Kurti: Tiered kurtis usually are slit-free and come in a combination of colors. They look extremely good only if you mix the colors right and choose the right fabric, otherwise, they can seem dated if the finish is sloppy.

You will find kurtis online on plenty of sites, but it is up to you to compare and choose sites with the best prices and deals. So go on, shop to your hearts content!