Cee Lo Green may not be a renowned fashion icon whose style is frequently copied, but he certainly has a style just of his own, and you wouldn’t confuse him with anyone else! What we can really learn from him is how to pull off the craziest eyewear designs.

For starters, it’s worth mentioning that Cee Lo Green is hardly ever spotted without wearing shades. Sunglasses may be considered his signature accessory which makes him super recognizable. You can follow the latest trends by just checking out his looks from time to time, but this may not be the actual trends because sometimes the singer wears retro-style pieces. The American rapper doesn’t restrict himself to particular brands, designs or colours either, but it is known that he has a penchant for Ray Ban sunglasses. Sometimes he is spotted wearing classy aviators or cool manly rectangular shades but sometimes he opts for something really outstanding. So let us have a look over the Cee Lo Green’s most remarkable eyewear pieces.

During NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Press Conference in Los Angeles in 2011 he was wearing flashy aviator sunglasses with the frame of a saturated pink colour. In fact, this looked quite appropriate and the juicy pink diluted the black tones of his outfit.

Being a successful American singer, Cee Lo Green likes luxury items, like for example limited edition eyewear. One of his choices is Ultra Goliath 2 Sunglasses by the Vintage Frames Company. They are exceptionally oversized and never fail to create a memorable look. This particular design is actually popular with many celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and many others – but we have to admit that they blend the most with Cee Lo Green’s style. The American rapper has worn these glasses on numerous occasions, and maybe he was actually the one who started the obsession with Ultra Goliath 2 eyewear.

So, whenever you have second thoughts about the catchy sunglasses you have just bought and think that your eyewear is too bright, or too expensive or too spectacular ‒ just remember Cee Lo Green, get inspired by his confidence and go on creating your own fashion eyewear trends.